My Bella Simone is 5 years old, and was diagnosed with 1P36 deletion before she turned a year old. We had her tested when she wasn't hitting milestones as a baby. We quickly started her at Children's Therapy Unit with physical, speech, and occupational therapies. She started walking shortly before she turned 2 years old and can now talk with 5-7 word sentences. Bella has continued her therapies into Preschool and will be attending Developmental Kindergarten in the fall. Hands down, Bella is the happiest and most polite 5 year old you could ever meet! She loves people, loves her harmonica, and loves Peppa Pig! Although she has a lot of love surrounding her, she has a lot of struggles. With 1P36, Bella has developmental delays, mainly expressive communication, fine motor skills, and low muscle tone. Because of her weak muscles, she needs help with every day tasks like getting dressed, brushing her teeth, and putting her shoes on. Just like any child, Bella wants to be accepted and play with friends. This is challenging when she isn't able to participate in the type of activities kids her age like to do, like riding a bike. I wanted to find a safe and sturdy tricycle that can adapt to those with special needs. I am so lucky that we found the Angeles Trike, and Bella LOVES it! It has so many features that work so well with her needs, and I'm so excited for her to learn to ride and get stronger. Thank you so much for helping my baby girl!