The Foster family—Russ, Sandy, and their daughters, Courtney and Megan—are Cody’s family. Russ Foster, the founder and co-chairman of The Cody Project, spent thirteen years creating the foundation for children following the death of his infant son. After preparing to bring a special-needs child home, the loss of Cody had a lasting and profound effect on him. “I wanted to have a positive impact on other families by helping them with treatment, equipment, therapy,” he says.

Sandy has 30+ years @ Boeing  Company, shares her husband’s desire to do more in the world. “I am excited to see it come together after all the hard work everyone has put in and knowing it will benefit children,” she says. Her passion for her children and her desire to keep the whole family active and involved encapsulates her enthusiasm for The Cody Project. “It’s amazing to see the board of directors working together toward a goal of helping kids; it’s very rewarding. In the end, seeing our vision to have Cody’s legacy live on is very important to us.”

Both of the Foster daughters ages are Courtney 19 and Megan 16 —have equally strong feelings about The Cody Project. “Having the memory of my brother live on to help other children is exciting,” says Courtney, who would be expecting her little brother to be in high school soon. Courtney a sophomore in college. “I’m also excited to see the project grow as I get older—it helps me understand the career path I’d like to follow.” The youngest Foster, Megan, was never able to meet Cody but happily says he’s a big part of her life just the same. “I want to change kids’ lives,” she says simply. “I’m glad to know the memory and story of my brother will live on and be told to others. It makes me smile to know such a good thing can come from such a sad loss.” Like her sister, Megan is an honor-roll student with great passion to help children who need a little more help. Like Cody.

After Russ’s mother—who helped him establish the goals and ideals of The Cody Project—passed away, Russ determined to finally bring the foundation to fruition. “She assured me if I told people about Cody, I could make a difference in their lives. So, I want to honor both her and Cody by doing just that.”

Like Sandy, Russ spent many years—almost two decades—working for the Boeing Company and currently 15+years at The Pokémon Company International as the  Senior Production Director. The entire Foster family is excited and eager to see The Cody Project succeed—to make a difference in the life of a child like the little boy who was almost theirs.

Meet the Fosters

“We miss Cody every day,”  Russ says, “but his brief time with us was inspirational. Every child deserves a chance to smile. To make a difference in a child’s life is the most rewarding gift anyone could ask for. And I want to make that happen. Cody would smile if he was here to help me.”

Meet The Foster Family