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Cody’s Friends


At the age of 1, Bella Simone was diagnosed with 1P36 deletion syndrome. As a result, Bella has had trouble with motor functions due to low muscle tone, as well as trouble expressing herself. Above all else, Bella has wanted to play alongside her friends. Thanks to a donation from the Cody Project, Bella is able to ride around the neighborhood with her Angeles Trike. It’s safety features allow Bella to safely cruise the neighborhood.


Ashley has always been adventurous. She has many goals, including swimming with sharks, riding a zipline, and visiting Disney World. At 18, Ashley was diagnosed with Stage 3 Ovarian Cancer. This diagnosis cast a shadow on her aspirations, prompting her family to launch a fundraising campaign. In 2015, the Cody Project donated $9000 to her campaign. We wish Ashley all the best in her future adventures.

The Alderman Family

The Aldermans are a hardworking family with three great kids. Mickey Alderman is a full-time mama who teaches her two youngest children from home. Both children have learning disabilities, and they needed Chromebooks for their schooling. We were happy to supply them with what they need to succeed.

Mickey’s Letter

The Carmen Family

The Carmen family was hoping to provide a safe space for the kids to play outside. Their youngest grandchild, Hanna, was diagnosed with hydrocephalus in-utero. She’s had a number of troubles stemming from the diagnosis. The Cody Project donated towards their effort to landscape a safe space in their backyard.

Margaret’s Letter


We admire the work being done by this organization. Provail offers various services to those with disabilities, including employment opportunities, community living, and therapeutic services. Well established in King and Snohomish County, we are proud to contribute our resources to their cause.


Easter Seals

Camp Stand By Me provides a safe and accessible experience for adventurers. As nostalgic as any camp you’ve ever been, the Easter Seals provide all the features for a memorable summer. We’re proud to support these campers with rich memories through our contribution to the organization.


Mercy Housing

Mercy Housing provides housing for low-income families, seniors, and individuals with special needs. We had an opportunity to contribute to their organization, and we were happy to do so. We were glad to hear that we helped to sponsor a family and support the Aspire for Health group, promoting healthy eating and exercise.


Swedish Neo-Natal ICU

Cody was born at Swedish Hospital in 2000. He spent his life within the Level 4 Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. The professionals here gave a tremendous effort in saving Cody’s life. So much in fact that their efforts inspired the development of the Cody Project. Their contribution to the life of each child gave us our fundamental drive to succeed in our own efforts.