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Nominate a Donee

Help us make our next step forward, whether you have an idea for an event, want to volunteer your time, or have a special request. Our door is always open, and we want you to treat it as such. Send us a note, and let’s see what we can come up with together.

Who Qualifies for Donations?

Children with disabilities in the greater Pacific Northwest.

How are Donees Selected?

Donees will be selected by the Cody Project’s Board of Directors. Nominees will be selected based on criteria including need and alignment with the ideals, beliefs, and mission of the Cody Project. The Cody Project believes that every child has the right to a future filled with happiness and we strive to provide a special experience personalized for every child we support.

Who You Are

Your Nominee

Terms and Conditions

The Cody Project reserves the rights to modify or change this program at anytime without notice. Submitting parties and nominees understand that the selection of the winners of this programs are based on the sole discretion of the Cody Project’s Board of Directors and is not subject to reconsideration, amendment, or appeal. All decisions are final and irreversible.

You agree and understand that by submitting this application to the Cody Project, you are granting your full permission and authorization to use any and all of your application, submission info, likeness, images, and information. Personal information may not be used for purposes outside the scope of the purpose of the Cody Project.

Nominated families must sign an acknowledgement and consent form to release their likeness and story for purposes of promoting and marketing the Cody Project and it’s future endeavors.

The Cody Project values your privacy and the privacy of the Nominee and their family. We promise to keep safe all information submitted and promise to not share it with other parties and promise that the information will only be used for purposes of this program.